Today I am sharing a sleek free printable habit tracker that you can add to your planner. I created it with my 7×9″ Plum Paper planner in mind, but it can be added to most planners if cut to the right dimension. Laminate after printing for added durability and eco friendliness.

The habit tracker is designed to print out in the center of a regular 8.5×11″ sheet of paper and cut down to size. I use a Plum Paper planner which has the dimensions of 7×9″. I used a paper trimmer to cut off 1″ off each the top and bottom, and then 3/4″ off each side.

After printing and trimming the printable habit tracker on a single side, I ran the page through a laminator and cut it down again, leaving 3-4mm around the edges of the paper. Once done, I aligned the page in the center of my Happy Planner punch and finished off the insert.

The printable has two pages designed for double side printing, or single side printing for left or right pages. Once you are done, you can use a thin Sharpie marker to write on it and it will wipe off with acetone.

Happy planning!

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