Vision boards aren’t for everyone – but they can be extremely helpful for staying focused on your goals when utilized properly. They are also fully customizable so you can design it to fit any space or keep it digital.

After you create a vision board for yourself with 5-6 personal goals that you hope to achieve in the next year, try creating another one somewhere else that highlights personal goals for the next 5-10 years. Keep the short term goals somewhere you look every day, like a planner or your bedroom. The long term goals can be kept somewhere you visit frequently, but not necessarily every day.

This keeps you primarily focused on the short term goals you need to achieve without forgetting about those in the long term.

A note about goal making: the easiest way to achieve goals is to narrow down 3-4 “big” goals that are reasonably obtained in the long term, and then breaking them down into smaller goals that are reasonably achieved in a shorter period of time. By breaking them down, you make progress toward the larger goals and constantly creating and achieving more goals.

It is also important to realize that simply creating a vision board and looking at it daily will not make you achieve your goals. The universe will not magically bring you everything you desire simply because you want something… Success comes from persistence and consistent actions targeted at achieving each goal.

A vision board is a creative way to showcase your goals in a way that sparks joy and keeps you thinking about them. After you create the board, visualize yourself taking action- like changing your diet, working out in the gym, or learning a new skill. It is important to identify short-term action steps you can start taking right now in order to achieve these goals.

Your thoughts directly affect feelings and behaviors, but thinking alone won’t change your life. Positive thinking only works when it’s combined with positive action.

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